Architect: MA YANSONG – Mad Architects Interviewer: Pier Alessio Rizzardi / TCA Think Tank and Zhang Hankun / TCA Think Tank, Edoardo Giancola / Atelier Bow-Wow Location: Beijing Date: 29th August 2013 Photographic credits: Pier Alessio Rizzardi, and Courtesy of MAD Architects; Text Editing: Vanessa Quirk, Edna Gee

I look into myself, trying to express myself. I think sometimes maybe you have an idea from a dream. It sounds ridiculous but you draw something out of your dream. Where does this dream come from? It must somehow relate to some situation. So what I’m interested in is to keep discovering what is really inside of me. I’m not a genius that from the first moment I already know what I want.

– Ma Yansong – 

Beixinqiao district, in Beijing, is changing fast: the ancient urban tissue, made of one-floor-fabric, is demolished and new high-rises are growing up.

Located in this environment, Ma Yansong’s office, appears inside an old and anonymous construction. In contrast to the exterior, the Inside is characterized by wooden structure, white walls and plants that transform the place suddenly into a sophisticated environment.

International young architects are busy modelling the new organic-shaped building on the other side of the world, meanwhile a golden fish swims in the eternal loop of the “fish tank” in the centre of the room.

The nature and the city is alchemy of feelings, a dream in which architects break the “chessboard” of the contemporary Urban China to create a new relationship between people and landscape. Ma Yansong explains contemporary cities as out-of-scale environments if compared with nature. A new approach must be used: re-establish the balance between human beings and the natural world.


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