The cards collect the mainstream issues arising from the conversations:

“1 building in 7 days”: How the instantaneous composition of the architecture affects the design, the construction process and the final result.

“Icon, symbol sign and index”: The place for the meaning in architecture as relation with literature, art, architectural language uses, materials and architectural elements.

“The Chinese way to bigness”: the contraposition between different scales, the bigness of the appearance opposed with interior space and the elevation of the sense of privacy and human scale generating a general sense of unity.

“Urban balance”: The traditional relationship between architecture and nature translated by contemporary, modernized, computerized, disintegrated, consumerist society, which deals with the new urban environment.

The world looks at China to see how it deals with the big numbers of Asian development using the latest experimentation in architecture, trying to understand what the enormous and exceptional architectural production in recent years can teach to the rest of the world.

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